ABA selects piece on anti-SLAPP statutes for collection of best writings

Jan 13, 12

The American Bar Association recently published its fourth annual collection of the best writing on land use law, At the Cutting Edge 2011:  Land Use Law from The Urban Lawyer.  One of the articles included in the collection is:

“Robber Barons, Back-Stabbers, and Extortionists:  How Far Does Anti-SLAPP Protection Go?”
by Mintz Levin Attorneys Paul D. Wilson and Noah C. Shaw

“The article “concerns “Anti-SLAPP” statutes now enacted in nearly half the states, which are intended to prevent real estate developers from suing citizens who oppose a real estate development.  In the article, Mr. Wilson and Mr. Shaw discuss recent cases which push the boundaries of Anti-SLAPP protection, noting that courts are refusing to protect project opponents who themselves have misbehaved, for example by breaching agreements with the developers or attempting to extort money from them.”

Read more here: http://www.mintz.com/news/3051/American_Bar_Association_Selects_Chapter_by_Mintz_Levin_Attorneys_

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