Avvo Explains Why You Should Care About Anti-SLAPP Laws

Feb 15, 13

Jessica Walters at Avvo recently published an article discussing anti-SLAPP laws and PPP’s work to enact federal anti-SLAPP legislation:

“Many plaintiffs can avoid state anti-SLAPP laws by filing claims in federal court.  While a bill — the Free Press Act of 2012 — was introduced in Congress last summer, it was not enacted. The bill was designed to protect free speech rights of journalists and internet service providers, and it was hoped to prevent SLAPPs.

The Public Participation Project is aiming to strengthen First Amendments rights through federal anti-SLAPP legislation. The PPP is taking contributions through March 24, 2013 to hire a full-time legislative director in Washington, D.C. to fight for federal anti-SLAPP legislation.”

Read the full post here and visit our Indiegogo campaign here.

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