Avvo Publicizes Support for Public Participation Project

Mar 06, 13

Seattle, Wash — Avvo, Inc., the web’s largest expert-only legal Q&A forum, marketplace and directory (http://www.avvo.com), today announced its support for the work of the Public Participation Project to enact national anti-SLAPP legislation. SLAPP, or strategic lawsuits against public participation, are lawsuits that are intended to obstruct someone’s free speech. One year ago this month, Avvo won a landmark lawsuit under Washington State’s Anti-SLAPP Law. In this lawsuit, a sanctioned attorney was trying to prevent Avvo from publishing his information on the website – essentially an attempt to squash Avvo’s First Amendment rights.

“In a victory for web transparency and the First Amendment, one year ago this month, Avvo prevailed in a false advertising and misrepresentation lawsuit that was filed by a sanctioned attorney,” said Josh King, vice president of business development and general counsel, Avvo, Inc. “We firmly believe that consumers have the right to free speech and the right to right to information about the professionals they are seeking to hire, and we will continue to support the efforts of the Public Participation Project.”

The Public Participation Project is working to support First Amendments rights through federal anti-SLAPP legislation, and through March 24th, is seeking contributions to help in its  for federal anti-SLAPP laws. Avvo, as a supporter of this initiative, has donated to the campaign. More information can be found here: http://www.anti-slapp.org/

Read the full press release here: http://press.avvo.com/release/avvo-supports-efforts-of-public-participation-project/

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