Calif. Case Law Is An Excellent Anti-SLAPP Resource

Mar 05, 14

Law360, New York (February 28, 2014, 5:33 PM ET) —

Frank Broccolo
Frank Broccolo

Over the last 25 years, state legislatures in well over half the states have passed statutes aimed at halting lawsuits designed to chill the valid exercise of constitutional rights of freedom of speech and petition, denominated as “strategic lawsuits against public participation” (or “SLAPP” suits). These statutes come in all shapes and sizes, taking aim at the SLAPP problem with varying degrees of precision.
California was among the first states to pass such legislation, and its statute remains one of the broadest in the nation. Further, California courts have developed an extensive body of case law interpreting the more controversial aspects of the law.

As we show below, given the breadth of the California statute, the number of complex issues already addressed by California courts, and the sheer number of opinions issued, California is well positioned to lead the way as other states grapple with the inevitable interpretive issues that will arise as they attempt to define the scope of their own anti-SLAPP provisions.

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