D.C. Anti-SLAPP Law Tested in Federal Court of Appeals

Mar 15, 13

A major legal test for the District’s young anti-SLAPP act is underway: A U.S. Court of Appeals panel heard arguments Friday morning on whether the law aimed at combating “strategic lawsuits against public participation” applies in the federal courts.

The case at issue is the defamation suit filed in 2011 by former federal agriculture official Shirley Sherrod against now-deceased conservative newsman Andrew Breitbart. Lawyers for Breitbart filed a motion last year to have the case dismissed pursuant to the anti-SLAPP act, which allows defendants to kill a case before the costly discovery phase of litigation and potentially recover costs and attorney fees.

Read more from the Washington Post here: http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/mike-debonis/wp/2013/03/15/d-c-anti-slapp-law-goes-before-federal-appeals-judges/?wprss=rss_local

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