DC District Court Rejects Davis’ Argument That DC Anti-SLAPP Act Applies in Federal Court.

Feb 03, 12

WASHINGTON (Legal Newsline) – “Former Clinton adviser Lanny Davis lost the latest round in the ongoing legal battle he is waging with 3M.

The company’s defamation claims against Davis will go forward. The U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C., ruled Thursday against the motion to dismiss by Davis.

3M’s law firm, Bickel and Brewer, said that the federal court, in a matter of first impression, rejected Davis’ attempt to use the District of Columbia’s Anti-SLAPP Act (Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation) in federal court. Davis and his attorneys had argued that 3M’s defamation claim lacked merit. They filed a motion on Oct. 6 seeking to have the case dismissed under the anti-SLAPP Act.”

This case shows why federal anti-SLAPP legislation is needed. Plaintiffs can avoid state anti-SLAPP laws by filing a federal claim in federal court, or even (as it appears in this case), by filing a state claim (defamation) in federal court. Federal anti-SLAPP legislation would protect Americans in all states and at the federal level from SLAPPs.

Read more about the case from Legal Newsline here: http://www.legalnewsline.com/news/235111-davis-motion-to-dismiss-3m-defamation-suit-denied

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