Georgia Activist Says Landfill Company’s Lawsuit Aims to Silence Him

Jan 31, 12

An activist in Twiggs County, Georgia, says that a lawsuit filed against him by a landfill company is a SLAPP. His attorneys say that the activist was rightfully working to protest the environmental impact of a landfill expansion, while the company claims that the activist falsely defamed them.

“In a lawsuit between a big corporation and a Twiggs County activist, one thing seems clear: Someone’s lying about who’s lying.

The lawsuit by Wolf Creek Landfill LLC contends that activist Cecil Fountain Jr. lied about whether the company was itself lying. Fountain’s legal response claims that the landfill — backed by Advanced Disposal Services Inc. — is suing him just to get him to shut up. Fountain earlier fought a planned expansion of the landfill.

This week, a planned court hearing on Fountain’s motion to dismiss the suit was continued for another day. Fountain is asking a Twiggs County Superior Court judge to toss the case, saying it’s a Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation.”

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