How the California Anti-SLAPP Law Protects Lawyers

Jun 28, 12

Ryan Metheny, attorney at the California Anti-SLAPP Project, recently wrote a post discussing how the California Anti-SLAPP law protects lawyers.

“Lawyers are frequently subject to malicious prosecution suits and other claims arising from their work on behalf of clients, some meritorious, some not. One of the benefits of the California anti-SLAPP law (and similar laws in other states) is that it provides a procedure for lawyer defendants to dispense with some of these professional hazards quickly, before the expenses of discovery and protracted litigation have been incurred. (Although the law, notably, does not apply to malpractice claims brought by the client the lawyer was representing — only to claims brought by third parties). The law thus saves lawyers and their insurers considerable time and attorneys’ fees, and helps reduce the caseload of the courts; the fee-shifting provision of the law also shifts the costs of defending these suits onto the plaintiffs who bring them.”

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