IL Supreme Court Narrows State Anti-SLAPP Law

Jan 24, 12

The Illinois Supreme Court recently narrowed the scope of the state’s anti-SLAPP law in Sandholm v. Kuecker.

In the case, a high school coach sued for defamation against the defendants after they began “a campaign to oust him as the head basketball coach. In the process of their campaign, the Plaintiff alleged that the Defendants defamed him. The Appellate Court dismissed the Plaintiff’s defamation case and ordered that the Plaintiff  pay part of the Defendant’s attorneys’ fees under the Anti-SLAPP lawsuit.”

The Supreme Court reversed, holding that ”It is clear from the express language of the [Anti-SLAPP] Act that it was not intended to protect those who commit tortious acts and then seek refuge in the immunity conferred by the statute.” The Court further held that the statute is not a privilege for those that defame another, even if petitioning for government action.

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