Jacobs Files Lawsuit Against Pond Association Heads

Oct 27, 11

Leaders of the Little Fresh Pond Association being sued for $65 million over statements regarding Jay Jacobs’ day camp plan for North Sea.

Brendan O’Reilly published a story for the Southampton Patch about a developer who is filing a $65 million defamation lawsuit against critics of his development project.

“Jay Jacobs, the owner of a North Sea parcel where he’s seeking permission to start a day camp, filed a $65 million defamation lawsuit Friday against two of the camp’s fiercest critics.

Jacobs alleges that Little Fresh Pond Association President John Barona and Vice President John Gorman committed libel against him and his plan for the Southampton Country Day Camp in a flier distributed around Southampton urging neighbors to attend a public hearing on the camp application.

In addition to $65 million in damages plus attorney’s fees, Jacobs is asking the court to gag Barona and Gorman from making statements against him alleging “wrongful, criminal, or fraudulent conduct,” and to require them to disclose the identities of those who received the fliers and take out a full-page newspaper ad recanting false statements made in the flier and on a website.

But Barona said Tuesday that he and Gorman did not make the flier in question, nor do they run the website, northseaneighbors.yolasite.com.

“After looking over the papers and talking to attorneys, I realized that it’s a huge intimidation tactic from someone who obviously feels like he’s losing the battle, and he’s trying to silence us and stop us from questioning this project,” Barona said.”

Read the rest of the story here: http://southampton.patch.com/articles/jacobs-files-lawsuit-against-pond-association-heads#photo-8233872

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