Judge Crushes Courtney Love’s Attempt to Duck Libel Lawsuit

Feb 21, 14

Though she prevailed in her January “Twibel” case, Courtney Love wasn’t so fortunate in a Los Angeles courtroom on Thursday. On February 20, Judge Michael L. Stern denied her anti-SLAPP motion to strike a libel lawsuit filed against her by fashion designer Dawn Simorangkir who, in 2011, settled a defamation lawsuit against Love dating back to 2009 to the tune of $430 000. Love was not present in the courtroom for the latest decision.

In 2013, Simorangkir filed suit against Love over remarks the latter made on a May episode of The Howard Stern Show. She’d accused Simorangkir of stealing from her and said the theft was captured on camera. Love also suggested Simorangkir had been involved in prostitution. Additionally, she posted a series of negative statements about the designer on Pinterest, which Simorangkir alleges have injured her reputation and caused “shame” and “mortification.”

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