Laura Prather and Sedgwick Continue anti-SLAPP Efforts in Texas

May 01, 12

Laura Prather, PPP Board Member and partner at Sedgwick LLP, led the effort to enact an anti-SLAPP statute in Texas in 2011. Texas Governor Rick Perry signed the law, known as the Citizen Participation Act, last year.

“…Texas citizens are seeing a direct benefit from the passage of the law. Prather assembled a coalition of supporters to obtain the unanimous passage of Texas’ anti-SLAPP law in the first half of 2011 and the law became effective for any case filed after June 17, 2011. The law allows an early motion to dismiss to be filed in any suit filed based on the defendant’s exercise of his or her First Amendment rights. Discovery is typically stayed while the motion is pending and an award of attorneys’ fees is mandatory for a successful movant.”

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