Runs Two Stories on SLAPPs

Dec 19, 12

Following a lawsuit in Virginia over a Yelp review, recently ran two articles discussing SLAPPs and quoted PPP staff member, Evan Mascagni:

“SLAPPs present special First Amendment problems,” notes Evan Mascagni, a lawyer with the California Anti-SLAPP Project in Berkeley. “To end or prevent a SLAPP, those who speak out on issues of public interest frequently agree to muzzle themselves, apologize, or ‘correct’ statements.”

Mascagni later went on to note that while this particular Virginia case may not have been a SLAPP, it was still significant because it reminds of the need for federal anti-SLAPP legislation.

“This case was important because it is a reminder of the need for federal anti-SLAPP legislation, as Virginia does not have an anti-SLAPP law,” Mascagni says. “If we truly value our First Amendment rights and want to encourage critical and open dialogue about important issues, then what is desperately needed is federal legislation that would protect individuals’ rights to speak freely without fear of retaliation.”

You can read both articles here:

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