Legal Analysis of Potential SLAPP Against Jay Leno

Jan 30, 12

Ryan Metheny, an attorney at the California Anti-SLAPP Project, recently wrote a legal analysis of the potential SLAPP against Jay Leno and NBC.

“Last week, Jay Leno joked on his television show that the Golden Temple of Armritsar in India, a holy site to the Sikh religion, was the summer home of wealthy presidential candidate Mitt Romney. The joke caused a bit of an uproar, with many charging Leno with making an insensitive and derogatory jab at the Sikh community. Now, Leno and NBC have been sued for defamation by a Bakersfield-area Sikh man, Dr. Randeep Dhillon and his organization, Bol Punjabi All Regions Community Organization, for making the joke. (

The lawsuit has some fairly obvious problems. (Complaint here: It is not clear why the statement is defamatory: it obviously was not meant by the speaker to be taken as a statement of fact.”

Read Metheny’s full analysis of the case here:

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