Measuring the Impact of Anti-SLAPP Legislation on Monitoring and Enforcement

Nov 09, 11

The B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis & Policy published an article measuring the impact of anti-SLAPP legislation on regulator monitoring and enforcement, using US data on monitoring and enforcement activity under the Clean Air Act from 1978-2005.

The main findings: “We find strong evidence that anti-SLAPP laws are associated with increases in regulator monitoring and enforcement activity under the Clean Air Act. In fact, we find that state inspections increase by almost 50% after a state passes anti-SLAPP legislation and that the ratio of findings of noncompliance to inspections more than doubles in the presence of anti-SLAPP legislation.” (p. 1.)

The article concludes that “Anti-SLAPP laws drive real changes in regulator behavior in environmental enforcement, even in settings with low citizen involvement in the form of civil suits” and that anti-SLAPP legislation “is good for air quality.” (p. 14.) It also discusses plans for future related research.

You can download the full article by Bevin Ashenmiller (Occidental College) and Catherine Shelley Norman (Johns Hopkins University) here:

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