New Technology & Marketing Law Blog Post from Eric Goldman

Oct 14, 11

PPP Board Member and Professor of Law at Santa Clara University, Eric Goldman, released a new post today on his Technology & Marketing Law Blog that cites two cases involving the use of anti-SLAPP laws:

* Calibra Pictures LLC v Variety, 2011 WL 3612209 (Cal. App. Ct. Aug. 17, 2011). A negative newspaper review is protected by anti-SLAPP laws, even when the newspaper had enticed the plaintiff to spend substantial amounts of money to advertise with it. The allegations in this lawsuit were quite troubling about Variety‚Äôs peddling its insider influence and selling movie producers on results it could deliver. Rebecca’s coverage.

* BCG Attorney Search v. Kinney, 2011 WL 2936773 (Cal. App. Ct. July 21, 2011). Lawsuit over a Ripoff Report post leads to a successful anti-SLAPP defense.

Read the full post from Professor Goldman here:

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