Online retailer Accessory Outlet demands $250 from consumer just for saying she’ll contact her credit card company

This time the business is Accessory Outlet, another web-based retailer. Its terms (fine print, as usual) prohibit “any complaint, chargeback, claim, dispute,” or “any public forum post, review, Better Business Bureau complaint, social media post, or any public statement regarding the order,” or threats to take any of these actions, within 90 days of a purchase. Allowing these actions after 90 days is better than never allowing them at all, but it is, of course, within that 90 days that a customer is most likely to want to post about her experience and most likely to need to dispute a charge on her credit card. On Accessory Outlet’s website, the customer is not required to click “accept” on these terms or even view them before making a purchase. In fact, the checkout page contains links todifferent (and innocuous) sets of terms, thus decreasing the chance a customer would go searching for the terms with the non-disparagement and non-dispute clauses.

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