Politico Runs Story on Federal Anti-SLAPP Legislation

Jan 04, 13

Mark Goldowitz, PPP Board President, was quoted in a Politico article this morning discussing the push for federal anti-SLAPP legislation.

While it has not yet gained a lot of traction, there is an ongoing lobby to move forward with a federal anti-SLAPP law championed by Mark Goldowitz, founder and director of the California Anti-SLAPP Project and the Public Participation Project.

“With the rise in popularity of review sites like Yelp, and a related rise in the number of defamation suits filed against reviewers, federal anti-SLAPP legislation is more timely than ever,” he said.

“PPP is working to develop bipartisan support for strong and robust federal anti-SLAPP legislation, which we hope will be introduced and enacted in the next session of Congress.”

The article, “Yelp pushes for federal anti-SLAPP laws,” can be read in its entirety here:

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