Settlement Reached In Plastic Bag SLAPP

Sep 26, 11

A lawsuit by three major plastic bag manufacturing companies against ChicoBag founder Andy Keller has been settled.  This case from South Carolina (where there is no state anti-SLAPP law) dragged on for 9 months before it was settled, and is a great example of the need for federal anti-SLAPP legislation.

Excerpt from The Orion:

“They put me through nine months of hell,” Keller said.

DiFalco and Silver are in agreement that this was a baseless bullying tactic, they said.

Strategic lawsuit against public participation, known as SLAPP lawsuits, discourage voiced opinions on controversial issues, DiFalco said. California has anti-SLAPP laws in place, but South Carolina, where the lawsuit was filed, does not.

“This was an example ‘SLAPP’ lawsuit,” she said. “They were bullying him.”

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