The Brett Kimberlin Saga: A Story Of Wacko Vexatious Lawsuits

Sep 04, 14

For years we’ve been paying somewhat loose attention to the saga involving Brett Kimberlin and his ongoing lawsuits against bloggers. The story was complex and convoluted from the beginning, and only got more so over time. In fact, it got so confusing that it almost became too difficult to jump into the story mid-stream. On top of that, the “partisan” overtones of many of the folks debating the story (on both sides) made it even more of a farce. When Kimberlin lost one of his lawsuits against some bloggers a few weeks ago, we debated writing a story, but there was so much back story to cover (and so many other things going on) that we let it slide. Thankfully, Dave Weigel, writing for the Daily Beast has a giant story about last month’s trial, including much of the background. If you’re unfamiliar with the Kimberlin saga (or even if you’re very familiar with it), it’s a worthwhile read.

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