Want To Avoid Defaming Someone Online? Link To Your Sources

Oct 23, 13

From PPP Board Member, Professor Eric Goldman:

When you are tweeting or Facebooking, you probably don’t think much about your risk of being sued for defamation. Fortunately, such lawsuits are rare. Unfortunately, even quickly written and seemingly innocuous posts attract scary accusations of defamation more frequently than you’d expect. A few simple steps can reduce the likelihood you’ll be challenged. First, as your mother taught you, always tell the truth. Second, when providing negative feedback, discuss your subjective opinions. Third, if you’re going to assert negative facts, provide hyperlinks to your sources as a form of citation, as a recent court opinion illustrated.

Read the full post at Forbes here: http://www.forbes.com/sites/ericgoldman/2013/10/23/want-to-avoid-defaming-someone-online-link-to-your-sources/

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