Whistleblower Files Anti-SLAPP Motion Against Boulder City Police Chief

In response to Boulder City’s embattled Police Chief Thomas Finn ‘s lawsuit against whistleblower Stephen Stubbs, Stubbs this week filed an “Anti-SLAPP” motion in District court seeking to have the case dismissed. Mr. Stubbs claims that Chief Finn’s lawsuit constitutes a “SLAPP” lawsuit under State law. “SLAPP” refers to Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation. The Nevada law at issue, known as the Anti-SLAPP statute, was enacted in order to protect citizens who petition their government for a given cause from being hit by retaliatory lawsuits by allowing for dismissal of said lawsuits. Stubbs’ attorney, Nathan R. Morris, Esq. claims that “the lawsuit against Mr. Stubbs is clearly in retaliation for Stubbs’ attempts to blow the whistle on allegedly illegal and harmful actions taken by Chief Finn in ordering the deletion of certain Boulder City Police Department emails. Chief Finn, the supposed example of Justice in Boulder City, has called into question the rule of law in this fine city.” The Boulder City Council has voted to have the Nevada Division of Investigation to investigate Police Chief Finn as a result of Mr. Stubbs’ calls for action and their own investigation.



  1. boulder city resident /

    The chief thinks his reputation is ruined… What about all those people’s life’s he ruined with the DUI contest that wasnt very fair when off duty he leaves remedies stumbling out the door and then drives away. In his black cop car. These so called police need to protect and serve not select and swerve this isn’t Vegas people its little town bouldIer city. I can’t believe he is suing for lost reputation or else 100000 boulder city residents should be suing him for the same reason. What about the lost tape of William Neal check it out people it will show you the true identity of our fine police. The only officer I believe is a good cop is Hoff he should be the new chief let’s change this deranged force with real cops that believe in protect and serve not let’s fill a quota so we all can drive new cars and live in lakeside houses let’s not forget the constitution people. Serve justice like they’ve served all of hurting residents

  2. Howard Anderson /

    Finn’s reputation was ruined when he left East Brunswick, NJ. The BC business adminstrator failed to do her job when she neglcted to do a background check on that idiot. Had she done her job instead of fall for his BS, Boulder City would not be involved in this mess. The only good part about all of this situation, is if Finn is charge, convicted and has to go to jail. I would like to visit him.

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