Yelp Gets Another Anti-SLAPP Victory in Lawsuit Over Consumer Review

Sep 03, 13

PPP Board Member Eric Goldman, Director of the High Tech Law Institute and law professor at Santa Clara University School of Law, recently posted on his Technology & Marketing Law Blog about a new anti-SLAPP victory for Yelp:

“The plaintiff, who is also a lawyer (and surely you recall how I feel about lawyer-plaintiffs), has repeatedly written about this case online focusing on different facts, but I’m only going to address what the court says. The court says Bernath sued Yelp for a review written by a user, Tabitha J. In a very brief opinion, the court says Yelp is protected by Oregon’s anti-SLAPP law because (1) the review concerns a matter of public interest, and (2) Bernath can’t win against Yelp due to 47 USC 230. This should mean that Bernath will have to write a check to Yelp for its legal defense.”

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