Camera access, anti-SLAPP laws introduced in Congress

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Michael Lambert recently reported on the SPEAK FREE Act of 2015 for the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press.  In the article, he quotes PPP board member Laura Prather and PPP policy director Evan Mascagni. Read the full article here:

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Mother Jones Wins Ridiculous SLAPP Suit Filed By Billionaire… Who Still Claims Victory

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Mother Jones, the well-known, politically-focused publication, has prevailed in a ridiculous SLAPP suit filed by billionaire Frank VanderSloot. VanderSloot was upset about a 2012 profile that Mother Jones published about him, his multi-level marketing, dietary supplement company Melaleuca, and the millions of dollars he...

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59 Legal Scholars Sign Letter Supporting SPEAK FREE Act To Create Federal Anti-SLAPP Law!

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Today, Eric Goldman, PPP Board Member and Director of the High Tech Law Institute and law professor at Santa Clara University School of Law, sent a letter to members of the House of Representatives expressing support for the SPEAK FREE Act.  Including Eric, 59 law professors and legal scholars from across the country signed on to this letter.  You can read more and view the actual letter here: read more

How California’s anti-SLAPP law helped a nonprofit news site prevail in court

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IN A CASE THAT HIGHLIGHTS both a point of potential vulnerability for many news startups and the significance of broad anti-SLAPP statutes, a California judge this week dismissed a lawsuit against, a nonprofit investigative newsroom in San Diego. In the world of media lawsuits, this one was anything but ordinary. The suit had been brought in April by San Diegans for Open Government, a local nonprofit,...

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U.S. needs an anti-SLAPP law like California’s

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It’s a sadly familiar sight in courthouses around the country: A deep-pocketed corporation, developer or government official files a lawsuit whose real purpose is to silence a critic, punish a whistleblower or win a commercial dispute. That’s why California enacted a law in 1992 to give people a preemptive legal strike against frivolous lawsuits that seek to muzzle them on public issues. This sort of safeguard doesn’t exist in almost two dozen other states or in federal law, unfortunately, but a group of tech-friendly...

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