Here Are The Companies That Want To Charge You $2,500-$100,000 For Negative Reviews

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From our friends at Techdirt: Geek gadget also-ran KlearGear gained internet infamy thanks to the following paragraph tucked away on its “Terms of Sale and Use” page: In an effort to ensure fair and honest public feedback, and to prevent the publishing of libelous content in any form, your acceptance of this sales contract prohibits you from taking any...

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TX Case of First Impression Involves Fracking, Defamation Claims and Anti-SLAPP Law

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The Texas Supreme Court heard arguments Dec. 4 in a case of the first impression pitting Fort Worth-based natural gas drilling company Range Resources Corp. and its subsidiary against fracking opponents. The companies allege the fracking opponents defamed them through statements and release of a video to the media showing a hose spewing water that was on fire. The fracking opponents sought to have the Range Resources plaintiffs’ defamation claims dismissed based on the Texas Citizen’s Participation Act, also know Texas’...

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Court agrees that Google’s search results qualify as free speech

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The regulation of Google’s search results has come up from time to time over the past decade, and although the idea has gained some traction in Europe (most recently with “right to be forgotten” laws), courts and regulatory bodies in the US have generally agreed that Google’s search results are considered free speech. That consensus was upheld last Thursday, when a San Francisco Superior Court judge ruled in favor of Google’s...

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How libel chill is quashing negative online reviews

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The aggressive action taken by some businesses against those who post negative reviews online about their product or service is having a chilling effect on some reviewers who fear being sued, observers say. “It’s a tremendous issue. We’re running into that all over. It’s cheap to threaten and expensive to defend,” said Paul Alan Levy, a lawyer who specializes in free speech issues related to the internet for the Washington, D.C.- based Public Citizen Litigation Group. “So yes, many people become very quiet...

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PPP on ABC Nightline Story on Yelp Reviews

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PPP Policy Director Evan Mascagni was recently featured on an ABC News Nightlight story discussing lawsuits filed by business owners over bad Yelp reviews.  You can watch that story here:

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