The Hill: There is still time for President Obama, Congress to protect consumers

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BY BRAD YOUNG AND LAURENT CRENSHAW – 11/16/16 11:25 AM EST Americans recently made their voices heard by electing a new president and Congress. Whether your candidate was elected or not, open, free and transparent elections are what make our democratic system function so smoothly. Another core principle of our democracy is the freedom to express an opinion without the threat of retaliation. Congress has an opportunity to fortify that right in the coming weeks through two pending pieces of “free expression” legislation. Before...

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Why we need federal anti-SLAPP

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Donald Trump has promised that if he becomes president, he’s going to “open up those libel laws so when The New York Times writes a hit piece we can sue them and win money.” To date, he’salready filed six libel suits. Highlights include his recent suit against Timothy O’Brien, author of “ read more

‘Right to Yelp’: New laws would protect reviewers from lawsuits

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PPP Board Member Sophia Cope and PPP Policy Director Evan Mascagni were recently quoted in a front page story of the San Francisco Chronicle on SLAPPs. “There are bullies out there who seek to silence individuals for speaking out on matters of public interest,” said Evan Mascagni, policy director at the Public Participation Project, a free-speech nonprofit. “These laws aim to combat that and get these lawsuits dismissed relatively quickly and painlessly.” … San Francisco’s Electronic Frontier Foundation, which promotes online...

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: HOUSE PASSES CONSUMER REVIEW FAIRNESS ACT! September 12, 2016 The Public Participation Project (PPP) applauds the United States House of Representatives for passing the Consumer Review Fairness Act! As previously pointed out by PPP board member Professor Eric Goldman when the bill was first introduced: Suppressing consumer reviews undermines consumers’ rights to express themselves, and it distorts the marketplace’s ability to reward good producers and punish poor ones. I’m excited that Congress is...

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Congress’ new opportunity to protect free speech: Voting to pass SPEAK FREE

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New piece in The Hill advocating for federal anti-SLAPP legislation from Mike Godwin, a senior fellow at the R Street Institute, a free-market think tank based in Washington, DC. Read it here:

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