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Anti-SLAPP news out of California this week: Animal Rights activist Marcy Winograd has hired Mark Goldowitz, Director of Anti-SLAPP Project, to represent her in a “Free Speech case” before California Court of Appeal. A Los Angeles public school teacher and Santa Monica resident, Winograd will be represented by Goldowitz in Angel and Nester vs. Winograd. In November, 2014, pony ride operators Tawni Angel and Jason Nester filed a defamation lawsuit against Winograd for her petition campaign to end what she allege is “animal cruelty at the...

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Anti-SLAPP bill to go before Minnesota House committee

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Keith Mueller is pushing to change a state law to protect someone from being sued for calling the cops. The law’s current language protecting public participation is too vague and needs to include reporting apparent unlawful conduct to police, he argues. Mueller’s effort stems from his experience: He was sued by a man whose acts were the subject of a report to police. “The judiciary struggled to determine if calling police constituted public participation,” Mueller said, referring to the lawsuits against him....

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New York Decision Denying Discovery of Doe Critics Casts Broad Doubts on Libel Suits over Consumer Reviews

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by Paul Alan Levy The Appellate Division in New York has today affirmed the denial of a pre-litigation petition brought by Woodbridge Structured Funding seeking to compel Opinion Corp. to provide identifying information about the authors of two critical consumer reviews on its Pissed Consumer site. Represented by Ron Coleman, Opinion Corp....

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Landmark case won using anti-SLAPP law defense; win supports First Amendment

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Background Avvo is an online legal and health professional directory and Q&A forum. It posts attorney and doctor profiles using content gathered from publicly available information including state bar associations, state courts and lawyers’ and law firms’ websites. Attorneys from Wilson Elser’s Data Security & Cyber Liability practice represented Avvo in this matter. A Florida-based attorney sued Avvo for false advertising and misrepresentation, claiming that his profile was incorrect, specifically that his practice area was...

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The Case for Anti-SLAPP Legislation

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Tracy Coenen recently wrote about her experience dealing with a SLAPP and advocating for states across the country to enact anti-SLAPP legislation. In addition to strong state anti-SLAPP laws, federal anti-SLAPP legislation is also needed to protect all Americans across the country.    

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