Getting ‘SLAPP’d’ for getting involved — new protections considered

Posted by on Apr 22, 2016 in Recent SLAPP News | 1 comment

PPP Policy Director Evan Mascagni was recently quoted in an article about SLAPPs and the SPEAK FREE Act by Gene Policinski. The proposed law would allow defendants to transfer lawsuits from state to federal courts, particularly valuable in 22 states that do not have an anti-SLAPP law or in those with weak protection. Farenthold said the law also will provide a means in federal court to quickly resolve a SLAPP lawsuit “before the legal fees run up.” The combination of breadth and speed has appeal on both Democratic and Republican sides of...

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DC EVENT 4/14/16: Why Policymakers Should Protect Public Speech Online

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Event Summary: Every day, Internet users generate millions of new posts on blogs, social networks, and e-commerce platforms to share their opinions and feedback with others. However, some individuals have found their rights under assault as they are threatened with meritless lawsuits introduced for the sole purpose of silencing their voices. This type of lawsuit, known as a strategic lawsuit against public participation, or a SLAPP, can have adverse effects on free speech, intimidating users from posting negative reviews or sharing critical...

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As anti-SLAPP moves in Kansas, federal action still needed

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The Kansas House of Representatives earlier this week passed the Enacting the Public Speech Protection Act (HB 2054) by a nearly unanimous 123-1 margin. If its overwhelming support in the House is any indication, the bill is on track to become the state’s first anti-SLAPP law, making Kansas the 30th state in the nation...

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Here’s One Thing Congress Can Do To Mess With Donald Trump

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According to reports, Republican legislators are having an uneasy time cottoning to the notion that real estate developer and white-supremacist cuddle muppet Donald Trump seems to be on the glide path to becoming their party’s standard-bearer. Many have declared...

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Amid candidacy, Trump faces questions over ‘Trump University’

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PPP Policy Director Evan Mascagni was quoted in a new article about an ongoing legal dispute involving Trump University. “Trump’s team also filed a counterclaim against Makaeff, accusing her of defamation. Makaeff responded by filing something called an anti-SLAPP motion, the details of which were described in a blog post...

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