The Public Participation Project is working to pass federal anti-SLAPP legislation in Congress.  Our coalition of supporters currently includes numerous organizations and businesses, as well as prominent individuals.  PPP also assists individuals and organizations working to pass anti-SLAPP legislation in the states.  An important part of our work includes educating the public regarding SLAPPs and the consequences of these types of destructive lawsuits.


Evan Mascagni

Policy Director

Evan Mascagni is the Policy Director of the Public Participation Project.  Prior to moving to New York City, he was an attorney with the California Anti-SLAPP Project, a public interest law firm and policy organization dedicated to fighting SLAPPs in California.  He graduated, summa cum laude, from the University of the District of Columbia, David A. Clarke School of Law, where he was Editor-in-Chief of the UDC Law Review.

Evan Mascagni Tel: (804) 723-0565 | Email:emascagni@anti-slapp.org

Board of Directors

Sophia Cope
Sophia Cope is a staff attorney at the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF). She has been a civil liberties attorney for over a decade and has experience in both litigation and policy advocacy. Prior to joining EFF, Sophia spent eight years in Washington, DC. She worked at the Newspaper Association of America on legal and policy issues related to freedom of the press and digital media, with a focus on protecting journalists’€™ confidential sources. She also worked at the Center for Democracy & Technology on a variety free speech and privacy issues related to the Internet and technology.  Before moving to Washington, she litigated at the First Amendment Project in Oakland, California.
Sophia Cope Staff Attorney - Electronic Frontier Foundation
Rachel Ehrenfeld, Ph.D.
Rachel Ehrenfeld is the Director of the American Center for Democracy.  She is a noted terror finance and economic warfare scholar and an advocate of free speech rights. Dr. Ehrenfeld’s initiative to fight “libel tourism” came after she was sued for libel in the United Kingdom by Saudi billionaire Khalid bin Mahfouz for documenting in her book, Funding Evil, that he had financed al Qaeda through his bank and charitable organization.  Her initiative resulted in anti libel tourism laws first in New York State (Libel Tourism Protection Act, also known as “Rachel’s Law”), in California, Florida, Illinois, Louisiana, Maryland, Tennessee and Utah, and the federal SPEECH Act, signed by President Obama in August 2010.
Rachel Ehrenfeld, Ph.D. Director - American Center for Democracy
Kevin Goldberg
Kevin Goldberg is an attorney at Fletcher, Heald & Hildreth in Arlington, VA.  Mr. Goldberg’s expertise is in First Amendment, Freedom of Information Act, and intellectual property issues, particularly copyright and trademark matters encountered by content creators and users and represents several national trade associations involved in these issues and is a regular contributor on all of these issues to his firm’s CommLawBlog.   He received his law degree from George Washington University, with high honors and his B.A. from James Madison University, magna cum laude.  Kevin currently teaches Journalism Law as an Adjunct Professor at George Mason University.
Kevin Goldberg Attorney - Fletcher, Heald & Hildreth
Eric Goldman
Eric Goldman is a Professor of Law and Co-Director of the High Tech Law Institute at Santa Clara University School of Law.  Before he became a full-time academic in 2002, he practiced Internet law for 8 years in the Silicon Valley.  His research and teaching focuses on Internet, IP and marketing law topics, and he blogs on those topics at the Technology & Marketing Law Blog.
Eric Goldman Director - High Tech Law Institute & Associate Professor of Law - Santa Clara Law
Mark Goldowitz
Mark Goldowitz is the Founder and President of the Board of Directors of the Public Participation Project. He defends SLAPP targets in California. He graduated from Harvard Law School in 1972. After working for Greater Boston Legal Services and Bronx Legal Services, he returned to his native California, where he became the Executive Director of Contra Costa Legal Services Foundation. In 1991, he founded the California Anti-SLAPP Project, in response to SLAPPs against him and his clients by the owners of mobile home parks and their lawyers. Since that time, in addition to defending SLAPP targets in California, he has worked to pass and strengthen the California anti-SLAPP law and to enact federal anti-SLAPP legislation.
Mark Goldowitz Founder & Director - California Anti-SLAPP Project
Josh King
Josh King is Vice President of Business Development & General Counsel of Avvo, a company that helps consumers make better health and legal decisions by offering free Q&A forums, ratings and user reviews of doctors and lawyers. He is responsible for the company’s business development, finance, business operations and legal affairs. He is also a frequent writer and speaker on First Amendment, media and professional ethics issues.  Prior to joining Avvo in October 2007, Josh spent over a decade in the wireless industry, in a mix of legal and non-legal roles:  Vice President, Corporate Development at AT&T Wireless, Director of Business Development for Clearwire, and General Counsel for Cellular One of San Francisco. Josh started his legal career doing civil litigation in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Avvo is part of the coalition to get federal anti-SLAPP legislation passed because Avvo believes that such legislation would benefit businesses and consumers.
Josh King Vice President of Business Development & General Counsel - Avvo
Sean Parnell
Sean Parnell is the immediate past President of the Center for Competitive Politics. As president he conducted original research on contribution limits, taxpayer financed political campaigns, government regulation of talk radio, and other topics related to the First Amendment political rights of speech, assembly, and petition. He has appeared in major media outlets including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, and USA Today, as well as political publications such as Congressional Quarterly, The Hill, Politico, and Roll Call. He has testified in front of or submitted testimony to several state legislatures considering campaign finance laws or other restrictions of First Amendment political rights.  He is now the President of Impact Policy Management and recently launched his own blog on health care, The Self-Pay Patient.
Sean Parnell President - Impact Policy Managment
Laura Lee Prather
Laura Lee Prather is a partner at Haynes and Boone, LLP.  She focuses her practice on First Amendment privacy and intellectual property counseling and litigation arising out of both traditional and online media contexts.  She is also an advocate and lobbyist for open government and First Amendment concerns at the Texas Legislature.  She was the lead author and negotiator for the two most significant pieces of First Amendment legislation in recent history in Texas – the reporters’ privilege and the anti-SLAPP statute.  Ms. Prather formed and led the coalition for the anti-SLAPP bill, House Bill 2973, in the State of Texas this last session. This bill was passed unanimously in both the House and the Senate and was signed by the Governor of Texas on June 17, 2011, taking effect immediately. She recently published a law review article on SLAPPs in Texas (available here) and also runs a blog on SLAPPs in Texas (available here).
Laura Lee Prather Partner - Haynes and Boone, LLP
Jeremy Rosen
Jeremy Rosen is the Vice President of the Board of Directors at the Public Participation Project.  Mr. Rosen is a partner at Horvitz & Levy, LLP and has been lead appellate counsel in dozens of appeals in a wide variety of areas (his name currently appears on more than 25 published opinions and many more unpublished opinions and he has presented more than 30 appellate oral arguments, including to the Ninth Circuit, California Supreme Court, and five of the six appellate districts in the California Court of Appeal). Mr. Rosen has developed an expertise in the First Amendment, California’s anti-SLAPP statute, the law of defamation, and the application of the litigation privilege. He has won three cases involving the California anti-SLAPP law before the California Supreme Court, and has handled many other anti-SLAPP appeals in the intermediate appellate courts.  Mr. Rosen has been invited to speak on these and other topics at numerous conferences.
Jeremy Rosen Partner - Horvitz & Levy, LLP